"Saul Klein" is the name of:

* Saul Klein, President of InternetCrusade, and CEO of Point2 Technologies

* Saul Klein (venture capitalist) at Index Futures

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We had a two- to three-year lead in technology and building out our network.

When you're visiting the page of an enterprise software vendor and you want to call their support number, that phone number will be highlighted and you'll instantly be connected.

[We want to] be the champion of micro-business.

We definitely, coming out of the summer, have seen an acceleration of subscriber additions.

I guess we've always expected that Internet voice and Internet communications was going to be a hotly contested and competitive space. We've been doing this for a couple of years and seen our growth accelerate in the last few weeks.

Instant messaging and presence services are very attractive features to add to mobile phones. We're going to see different players competing in this market.

Coming out of the summer it was 140,000 to 150,000. Now it's 170,000 a day.

There's already more focus on the UK market today than there was three or four months ago.