We've got to improve tremendously on offense. If we shoot just 10 percent better, we probably win.

We appreciate being eligible to cover certain costs.

Our big goal is to improve. Not to stop, or to settle, but to improve.

I've been e-mailing everyone I know. To get the student body involved would be the greatest thing ever.

We hope it's a good story for Montana.

Who doesn't want to beat number one? It's something you dream about.

We were all crying. We beat the No. 1 team. As of right now, we are going to do some hard-core celebrating. Thank the fans for being here. They were great. We know the season is not over, but tonight we are going to celebrate.

For her to take over like that, it was just the greatest boost for the team. She got this great look on her face. ... We definitely needed a leader, and Sam definitely stepped up into that role tonight.