Sarah Clarke
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"Sarah Clarke" is an United States/American actress, best known for her role as Nina Myers on 24 (TV series)/24, and also for her roles as List of Twilight characters#Renée Dwyer/Renée Dwyer, Bella Swan's mother, in the 2008 film Twilight (2008 film)/Twilight, Erin McGuire on the short-lived TV show Trust Me (TV series)/Trust Me, and CIA Agent Lena Smith on the USA Network show Covert Affairs.

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We don't always select the cheapest alignment because it may be the most environmentally harmful. Cost drives most everything we do.

We have taken residential property, but I can't think of an incident where we have gone through a gated property. We want to avoid going through the middle of a community because it's not economically feasible for us.

With the growth in this area, it's hard to tell anyone that traffic congestion will go away. I'm not sure if we can build roads fast enough.

It's a legitimate fear that communities will change. Of course, the roads are coming regardless because the area is growing and changing.

These are some isolated areas, but we won't know what's there until we get on the ground to take a closer look.

Typically, people who are farther away from the corridor are going to see it as an enhancement because it will help them get to and from work. The people who are going to be closer to it, probably won't like it as much.

It's been a line on the map for a long time. It just wasn't prioritized and funded.

When Easton Avenue opened for students, it was our understanding that it took a while for those stores to be up. [These type of delays and complications] are the normal course of business.

It is hard to coordinate these different, separate, entities. We are committed to getting the rest of these stores up.