"Sarah Bradford, Viscountess Bangor" is an English people/English author, best known for her royal biographies.

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Dodi Fayed's uncle, on his mother's side, is a well-known arms dealer, ... I'm sure they're extremely nice people, but it does cast a slight shadow over things.

He loves her and wants to make a nice gesture for her birthday, ... It is certainly a public gesture -- 'I love this woman and I'm not going to give her up.'

She was brought up in that upper class tradition of keeping quiet, keeping that stiff upper lip, and I think she's been very wise to keep as private as she has through this period. I think people have respect for that even if they might not approve of anything else.

Her relationship with her own children was notably successful and easy: both children grew up to be well grounded and talented and both made happy marriages, in contrast to what has sometimes been unkindly depicted as the 'dysfunctional' senior branch of the family.