We hit it off right away, but we didn't become best friends until we started playing doubles together.

I thought I could take her in singles. I took a few chances here and there, but she's a good player.

We've played a lot of ranked teams and we compete well against them, so it really wasn't a surprise. It was a good win for us.

The match went well. We did what we had to do.

We're the underdog, so there's not a lot of pressure on us.

I think our team has been closer this year than in years past. You're around these people all the time, so it makes everything a lot more enjoyable.

We knew Michigan would be tough. I thought we competed well, there were just a few points here and there that made the difference.

Oh, I loved playing doubles with Linda. (The NCAA Championships) was a great experience, and to experience it with one of your best friends was even better.

They're good doubles players. They've been playing their whole lives together.