Sara Rue
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"Sara Rue" is an American television actress. She is best known for her performances as Carmen Ferrara on Popular (TV series)/Popular, and as Claude Casey on Less than Perfect. She is a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, Inc./Jenny Craig. In 2011, she hosted The CW reality series Shedding for the Wedding. She had a recurring role in the comedy Rules of Engagement (TV series)/Rules of Engagement, where she played Brenda, the softball teammate and best friend of Jeff Bingham. She also had a regular role as Kim on the short-lived sitcom Malibu Country.

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[Less Than Perfect 's Sara Rue wowed the crowd with her slim figure. The strawberry blonde Rue, who spent the past two months traveling through Europe, said she has lost at least 30 pounds since she started on the show three years ago by] cutting out the booze. ... I'm really close to Eric's wife (Eliza), so it's a little awkward.

In my mind I'm pretending that Geena Davis is actually running the country because it makes me feel a lot more secure. We all thought of Hillary Clinton when we heard they were making this show. I hope it takes off!

ABC has been nothing but supportive and wonderful. I think their point is that people are sick of seeing women who are size two (NZ size 8) on television, and it's time we had someone who's a size eight (NZ size 16) carrying a show.