It's been a weird year from the get go. I'm just so thankful to play at home. I'm really glad conference is here.

Here lately, we had been getting three (players) in double digits. We need that.

We aren't even thinking about state right now. When you go through a skid like we have, you forget how much you appreciate winning.

I think they have some dominant post players. Guard-wise, we match up real well. I think post play will be the difference in the game.

You just can't take a quarter off. You can't take off two or three minutes in our league. We have to find ways to answer.

We've been wanting to see that happen. They stepped up, and that was our game plan coming into tonight.

Our deal is we are going to be the underdog all year. My goal is that we get better each time we step out on the court and in each practice.

They were hurting us with the '3'. We started in a zone and went to a man. That is my favorite defense anyway. We just needed to get in their face.

I really didn't think it would be a factor, but I think we got a little bit winded and it hurt us at times.