"Sander L. "Sandy" Nelson" is an United States/American drummer. Nelson, one of the best-known rock drummers of the early 1960s, had several solo instrumental Top 40 hits and was a session musician/session drummer on many other well-known hits, and released over 30 albums. He lives in Boulder City, Nevada/Boulder City, Nevada, and continues to experiment with music on keyboard instrument/keyboards and piano.

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One of our biggest risks is to hand over our brand name to a company or owner and hope they carry the torch, ... Our customers look at us as a chain ? as if we had complete control of hiring, firing and standards ? all things that make a brand. (Superior Air) was an easy fit in that their attitudes, beliefs system and values are equal to what we believe.

If you are a pilot going to an airport where you don?t traditionally fly and have a choice to deal with (fixed base operator) company A, B or C, you?re most likely choose the corporate brand you are used to, ... It?s like going on the Internet to find a hotel. You may not be sure what it looks like, but you know if you go to a Hilton, there are certain standards to which they are accountable.

It is an honor to have been elected to the MPA board of directors. This allows me the opportunity to be a part of continuing the tradition of newspaper excellence in Missouri.

With the amount of dogs at the campground, it's surprising a cat would get too close.

When Christopher got his license it had the organ donation on the back. My husband is a retired firefighter and Christopher had seen and heard a lot about accidents and what happens to people, and he was very aware of what problems there are and that is something he wanted to do. So he is still helping people.

He had a couple days' leave for the races; that is what he saved his leave for.