Sandy Close
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"Sandy Close" is an American journalist and the Executive Director of the Bay Area Institute / Pacific News Service, and New America Media.

Close graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with BA in 1964.

She worked as the China editor in Hong Kong for the Far Eastern Economic Review.

She founded the Oakland-based Flatlands newspaper.

Close was the co-producer of Breathing Lessons: The Life and Work of Mark O'Brien.

She was married to the historian and Asian affairs scholar Franz Schurmann from 1968 until his death in 2010.

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The poll gives immigrants the first chance to participate in the debate rather than be targets of the debate. The country's top dozen ethnic media dailies -- along with the major in-language broadcast network -- published the results simultaneously on Monday, Mar. 27 in a coordinated effort to ensure that these key voices are part of the national discourse.

It's indicative of this whole new generation of ethnic media that you find in almost all sectors, all ethnic groups. It's really part of what the community imagines its future to be.

We haven't been listening to legal immigrants. We've been taking their name in vain.

Studies show that one of every four people reads an ethnic newspaper. This shows that ethnic newspapers have a place and purpose in serving our diverse population.

Korean dry cleaners need Korean media to grow their businesses.