I think he's grateful he wasn't injured more seriously. We've talked about it, and I think he's just comfortable now, playing the game and not trying to please everyone.

The thing about Carlos is that he doesn't talk for the heck of talking. He expresses what he has to express at the right time. That's the true sign of a man, and that's how Delgado is, too. He and Beltran are almost the same person in that respect.

He seems comfortable at either position. He needs a little work around the base. He has to get used to it.

If you can run, you should listen.

The problem the other day was he ... the only thing I told him was when you have doubts always just get the lead runner. I think the fans will really love him. He will be OK. If he does listen and apply things he will be great.

It's weird. Weird because it not only happened, it happened to him.

You have to wait for him to lose his jitters. He has to be himself.