That's how we putt-putted to Apple Valley.

It is just something I really wanted, ... I want to give back something to the country.

It's all he ever wanted to do.

[They all realize they have it better than some, but they struggle none the less.] I really feel like no one knows I'm here, ... It's like the nation thinks the only people affected by this are in Texas (at the Superdome and other shelters).

I don't have a place to put this. I have no home, ... I would love to have my own space.

He's been clear of asthma for four years now, ... His pulmonary function tests are clear.

You just truly don't know how special you all make me feel, ... Girl what am I going to do with you? I guess just love you.

A community would need to hire a coordinator. That's why it's not met with open arms by communities. It's a new position for them to fund.