Coach called this our first conference game. We didn't want another setback like we had against Old Dominion after [beating] Wake Forest.

When we cut it to three, that was one of the few moments in the game where we were actually being aggressive on the offensive end.

The road trip was a tough one, and it was exhausting and tiring and wore us down a little.

He made a tough shot at a big time.

I got fouled, but you can't rely on the referees to give you the game.

We weren't as ready as they were. The first half we came out, kind of waiting to see what would happen. Who would throw the first punch? Who would sit back?

We took our foot off the gas.

Obviously, we want to make the conference tournament. That's our biggest goal. Our focus is trying to pull off whatever we can to get to New York. We need to find a way to bounce back. Villanova is No. 4 in the country, so it would be a big win if we could pull it off.

Free throws are haunting us lately.