Samari Rolle
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"Samari Toure Rolle" is a retired American football cornerback. He was drafted by the Tennessee Titans/Tennessee Oilers in the second round of the 1998 NFL Draft. He played college football at Florida State Seminoles football/Florida State.

Rolle has also played for the Baltimore Ravens. He was selected to the Pro Bowl in 2001 Pro Bowl/2000.

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I think the Titans probably think that I'm not physical and that I don't tackle and those type of things. I saw Chris coming and just put a good hit on him.

They broke the team up anyway, ... I can't miss a guy who's not there.

I'm thankful that I'm able to play, ... The Ravens have supported me and my wife from Day One, and I'm just thankful this is behind us and we can move forward.

I think Mac is one of the few guys who can carry a team on his shoulders and lead them to victory. The thing is we have to contain them as much as possible.

Will it get me home?

Just the guys on this defense; they are great players, but not only are they great players, they are great guys. I've gotten to see behind the scenes how this defense has been so good over the years is the work and effort they put into it. It is not just them going out and talking about it.

I never really could envision wearing any other uniform.

Our relationship is more like brothers. He's kind of like my big brother.

I take my hat off to Coach Fisher and the rest of the Titans, ... They played a great game. Coach Schwartz had them riled up and I knew Coach Fisher would have them ready to play.