It turns out that errand was going to the Westmoreland area to buy some crack cocaine. This little boy was away from his family for 12 hours until the man that was caring for him decided to call for help.

Once the fire was out, some of the crews who were on the scene here began looking through the car. Considering it suspicious, one of the first things they went for was the trunk of the vehicle to see if there was a body inside. That did not turn out to be the case.

It appears that the last person to smoke here did not put their cigarette out in the bin.

They got nervous and kicked him out and told him to find his own ride home.

One of the two strongest clues that the Orlando Police Department is sharing with the media is the scent that was picked up in the woods.

The technology is a first of its kind and could replace metal detectors for speed. It is Central Florida engineering with international appeal.

The Orlando Police Department tells us that this pair had no plans to surrender. In fact, two attempts to pull them over went unnoticed.

The Orlando Police Department has confirmed that one person was killed overnight in a confrontation between officers and the suspect but they have not said why the confrontation actually occurred.