"Sam Paul" was an American gambler and underworld figure in New York City at the start of the 20th century. Founder of the Sam Paul Association, he was also a major political organizer for Tammany Hall.

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As people around it know, this is a demanding sport, and it isn't for everyone. The biggest thing kids can't handle is if they lose they don't have teammates to blame. It is all on them.

The first couple months we have been evaluating what needs to be done to reach the next level. We go into a very hard sectional with lots of rated kids. Our guys just have to keep working hard and see what happens.

Hopefully we can wrestle a better match against him this time around. There are also two other kids that Justin has lost by two each. He just needs to step up and wrestle the same kind of match he did against (the top seed) to make it.

Some have put in a lot of time and really want to make it to the next level.

We are going to focus on getting better each day, get the most out of every practice, and look to get better in the areas we are weak.

I think they need to wrestle their match and things will take care of themselves. Kyle had two ranked kids and has to beat one, Devon has the top rated kid, and Justin has a few tough kids at 119.

He went really tough with Davis. Kyle was down 2-0 and went for a turn and was really close to having it, but ended up losing 4-0.

We'll do just what we have always done. We watched some tape over the weekend and found a couple things for each guy to work on. We have to be solid on our feet, ride and then get out of the bottom.