We should absolutely seize the moment and eliminate any risk that we might not be able to incorporate later.

We try to provide comfort at school so they know they have someone to talk to.

The property owners of Horseshoe Bay felt like they wanted to have more of a voice in the future development of Horseshoe Bay. The secondary reason was to protect themselves from the encroachment of surrounding municipalities.

I'm excited to be at the primary level and know when the kids leave Aux Sable they are going to be prepared for the junior high. I get to work with the students, parents and teachers from day one of their schooling.

I've started a dozen companies in a variety of areas of specialty. Our new city government needs people with entrepreneurship.

It's important to recognize that while this poll may provide some insight as to the opinion of people visiting my incorporation Web pages, this poll is not limited to only those people who are registered to vote in the election being held on Sept. 10.

I believed we had a limited window of opportunity to effect incorporation before outside influences would impact our ability to do so ... I'm convinced that after Sept. 10 our window of opportunity will become a very narrow portal.

A lot of this has to do with the (scallop) prices last year. Put them back down to $3.65 (per pound) again and I don't think you'll see this problem any more.