For them to give me this chance to close these games is an honor.

The momentum of the game, I liked it, ... Because even though we were losing, it was coming in our favor. The guys never stopped fighting.

I like to be out there, ... For them to give me this chance is an honor. It says they trust my stuff to be in that situation. I'm planning on taking full advantage. I looks like everybody is auditioning for next year. I take that as a challenge.

I felt a little out of synch at first but I was happy with the way it worked out.

This is going to be a good team, and I think a lot of people here feel that way. I don't know if we're going to win the World Series, although that would be nice for the city. But I think we're going to be much better.

We knew that we would have to reach down deep inside and put a couple of innings together, and we came up big. We're doing a tremendous job as a whole and it was no different today.

I'm just happy that they give me the ball on a daily basis, ... I just like to go out there everyday or every other day. If it so happens that it is in the ninth inning, I welcome the challenge and will do everything I can to prove those people right that are giving me the opportunity.

All we need is to add one or two pieces to the puzzle and -- boom -- we're going to be there. I don't think we're going to win the World Series right away. But we are finally going to give the fans something to cheer for.

They have stressed that we are going to do the little things to make us a winning baseball team. I am eager to see that happen. There is more than hitting and pitching to playing good baseball. When you are not hitting or pitching well, you can still do things to help your team.