A few years ago you couldn't find a star who wasn't baring her navel. One thing that's so interesting (about the trend) is how beauty and sexuality can be conveyed through a lot of clothes as opposed to few clothes. That's something women can learn from.

Ideas of traditional Japanese dress are coming into Western fashion, which is a switch because a few years ago it was the kooky anime/comics side of Japan that was animating Western design.

He took a Madame X silhouette and did something new with it, ... There were lots of pieces that can be worn by all sorts of women across this country. He showed a range of strengths: a jersey gown with a touch of lace, that black metallic gown with texture and crunch. He can do a great bikini and do a great eyelet so that a full skirt doesn't look too immature.

His print sense is very good. It paid off. It was fresh and fun.

She's connected with the moment very well.

I think it's another indication that the momentum of fashion and Fashion Week has moved back to New York.

They're not collections based on an abstract definition of pretty, it's all what a sophisticated consumer would find charming.

When you think of somewhere really cold for inspiration, you eventually get to Russia.