This separation wall does not separate Israelis and Palestinians. It separates Palestinians from Palestinians. It annexes 300,000 Palestinians into Israel.

The whole situation is in a very, very critical juncture now. Something needs to happen, in terms of implementation of the road map, and the only party that can do that intervention is the United States, and I hope they will interfere immediately in order to give the road map the chance it deserves.

We condemn this attack in the strongest possible terms. Every time there is movement toward resumption of negotiations we get these attacks by the Israelis.

I know students who come to my office who are supposed to go to Amman or America in their fifth year or sixth year ... , ... The Israelis are telling them, 'You're not going to be allowed to leave unless you accept to collaborate with us.'

We don't want a meeting for the sake of the meeting. We need a meeting with substance.

I hope that we will not give the impression that Palestinian leaders will start parachuting in the West Bank and Gaza from Washington.

I don't think Sharon had intended by doing this tonight to give the peace process any chance at all. Nothing justifies the targeting and the bombardment of this residential area.

Will be the biggest blow to President Bush's two-state solution and will sabotage any idea of a road map.

Arafat will have to decide this.