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I'm going to miss competing everyday and just playing basketball. I've played with those guys since the fifth or sixth grade. They're like my brothers.

We had always jokingly talked about Web sites in the past, and since finishing school, my gears sort of shifted. I knew he'd be a good source for input and ideas.

It helps. It lets me know I'm never out of a match, no matter what happens.

We were happy to get at least one win while we were down here, and make it to Saturday. We would've liked to play tonight, but only one team can win and the ball wasn't rolling our way.

When I wok up in intensive care after almost three weeks unconscious, I only realized how serious my injuries were when I saw my hands and feet were black. Then I put two and two together. . . . I'm definitely going to lose bits of my fingers and toes. And they say I could be in here for another six months.