It's my Kansas, it's my Duke, it's my North Carolina. Growing up here and growing up as a little kid during the national tournament and helping out in the dressing rooms with my dad, watching all the great teams and great coaches that have passed through this building ... and also coming to Blue Dragon games since I was a little kid and admiring the players ...

I want to pack it. Call me crazy but I think there's enough people out there who are just like me and want this place packed again. It's going to take the combination of a lot of things.

Coach Pearl has had a tremendous influence on me. What they'll do is play nine guys, maybe 10. They will press full court. They'll pick up a variety of defenses, mostly full-court man. They'll make you play faster than what you want to play. We'll play that way every game and we'll play it every day in practice.

We broke no rules and we did it with good kids. Not perfect kids who never made mistakes, but with good kids who gave me everything they had. Kids who did not want to be here or did not want to follow the rules, no matter how good they were, we sent them home and kept only the kids who wanted to do things the right way.