I think it was our best all-around team effort. Everyone got after it defensively. Everyone was shooting well.

He just came out and played like he could play. We all know he can play like that night-in, night-out and that's what he's done; just stepping up the last couple games and carrying us.

We just have to get ready to go. We have to treat every game like we're playing Arizona. We have to come out ready to play.

The second half we did a better job, but it's tough to win on the road when you turn the ball over like that. We kept fighting at the end, but we dug ourselves a hole.

This is big. For us to get two road wins against two really good teams shows we are a team to be reckoned with in the Pac-10.

That three-ball kind of knocked them out there.

They came out fired up and their fans were really into it. We knew anytime you're on the road in a big arena, against a really good team, you've just got to weather the storm. When you get a chance to make your run, you've got to go for it, and that's what we did.

I think he [Williams] felt me behind him and he kept the ball right out in front of him and Justin just grabbed it.

We just kept trying to weather the storm. It was a sea of red.