Ruth Henderson
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"Ruth Henderson" was the UK's first female Chief Executive Officer of a publicly quoted company.


– 1980's: Product Director, Alexon Group

– 1991 : Henderson becomes the UK's first female CEO of a public company

– 1992 : Henderson leaves Alexon Group after profits fall

– 1993 : Joins Baird as Managing Director

– 2001 : Becomes CEO of Baird

Ruth Henderson was Product Director of Alexon Group, reporting to CEO Lawrence Snyder, during the Group's most profitable period)

However, Ms Henderson is of note not for that position, but for her role as CEO. When Alexon Group demerged (with Lawrence Snyder becoming the Chairman of the demerged Alexon Group, he appointed Henderson CEO). Henderson was at that time "the [first] and only woman chief executive of any significant British quoted company".

Later sidelined to some extent in February 1992, when Peter Ridsdale was promoted to run the operations while she concentrated upon the buying, she left the group later in the year, when profits from the demerged Group fell from £11.3M in 1992 to a loss of £0.9M in 1993.

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