As a matter of fact, you know I am rather sorry you should see the garden now, because, alas! it is not looking at its best. Oh, it doesn't compare to what it was last year.

Aren't the artists brave to go out and paint a sea as rough as that? I don't see how he kept his canvas dry.

He said I was the most sensitive person he had ever seen - that I belonged to the hyper-hyper type and we rarely survive!... They found that the eclair contains everything my system lacks. So I take three a day and I feel like a new woman.

You see -- he's got a perfectly new idea. He never sees his patients. He's not interested in individuals, he prefers to treat a crowd. And he's organized these mass cures . . . And he cures thirty thousand people every Thursday.

And as for my poor Glubjullas, they never came up at all! . . . I can't think why, because I generally have great luck with my Glubjullas.