Unremarkable...a journey through cancer, chemotherapy and healing.

Once you join the military you become a guardian of the United States, ... You are trained to believe the United States is worth defending.

There are a lot of things out there written that show the before and after but not the actual journey through the disease.

I thought it was interesting that the treatment, not the cancer, is what actually makes you sick.

When you're sick, you really have to rely on anyone that is willing to help you. When people offer to help, they really want to, and you have to believe them and let them help.

It really goes back to when we abandoned the draft.

One of the interesting and unfortunate effects of eliminating the draft is now there's a real class difference between those who serve and those who do not.

Teaching kept my life as normal as it could be.

Together these things have really meant that we rely on the Guard much more and those troops are more likely to come from certain sections of America that have economic needs.