Russell Ingall
FameRank: 4

"Russell Ingall" is a former Australian V8 Supercar driver. Ingall became the V8 Supercar Champion in 2005 V8 Supercar season/2005, he was also the Championship runner up in 1998 Australian Touring Car Championship/1998, 1999 V8 Supercar season/1999, 2001 V8 Supercar season/2001 and 2004 V8 Supercar season/2004. Ingall has also won the Bathurst 1000 motor race twice, in 1995 Tooheys 1000/1995 and 1997 Primus 1000 Classic/1997. His particular driving style earned him the nickname "Enforcer".

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If you're going to go hell for leather into that hairpin you are going to pay the consequences.

Today doesn't mean much. It's just muscle-flexing day. The real work's still to come and it looks like it will be down to the driver.

I can't be disappointed with that final race ? we are leading the championship.

I'll go for a dark horse.

If it's not me then I don't care who wins.