Russell Hoban
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"Russell Conwell Hoban" was an Americans/American expatriate writer. His works span many genres, including fantasy, science fiction, mainstream fiction, magical realism, poetry, and children's books.

He lived in London, England, from 1969 until his death.

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Language is an archaeological vehicle... the language we speak is a whole palimpsest of human effort and history.

An idea is an eye given by God for the seeing of God. Some of these eyes we cannot bear to look out of; we blind them as quickly as possible.

After all, when you come right down to it, how many people speak the same language even when they speak the same language?

Explorers have to be ready to die lost.

There were times when it seemed to him that the different parts of him were not all under the same management.

When you suffer an attack of nerves you're being attacked by the nervous system. What chance has a man got against a system?

But when I don't smoke I scarcely feel as if I'm living. I don't feel as if I'm living unless I'm killing myself.

Things don't end; They just accumulate.

There are situations in life to which the only satisfactory response is a physically violent one. If you don't make that response, you continually relive the unresolved situation over and over in your life.