"Russell "Russ" Henderson", born "Russell Audley Ferdinand Henderson" in Belmont,_Trinidad_and_Tobago#Belmont/Belmont, Trinidad, is a jazz musician on the piano and the steelpan. He is most widely recognised as one of the founding figures of the Notting Hill Carnival in London, United Kingdom.

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We got so many good teams (in the region). You can almost assume that three spots are sewn up. It makes it real tough, but it makes every pitch and every at-bat real important.

This region is wide open right now, and everyone is beating everyone. Beating Shaw helps us to stay in the hunt. If we lost, we wouldn't have been out, but it would have been close.

Let us make a demonstration on behalf of all those who have lost homes in our city, and in more than 1100 cases, lost their lives because the security we paid for was not there to begin with.

He's been our closer, but we couldn't get to him. So we decided to give him a start... . He's a starter from now on. He doesn't seem to get rattled when there are guys on base.