Russell Collins
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"Russell H. Collins" United States/American actor

Collins first appeared on stage in 1922. He had roles in a few early Group Theatre (New York)/Group Theatre

productions with Success Story (play)/Success Story being his Broadway theatre/Broadway debut. Probably his most noted Broadway theatre/Broadway role was as the star of the 1935 musical play Johnny Johnson (musical)/Johnny Johnson. He enjoyed a long career on Broadway, in films and television. By the 1950s he often appeared in many of the television live play-like dramas and was in high demand as a character actor in many TV series to the end of his career.

He played Doc in the 1950 London production of Mr. Roberts at the London Coliseum/Coliseum Theatre with

Tyrone Power as Mr. Roberts and Jackie Cooper as Ensign Pulver.

He died of a heart attack on November 14, 1965 in West Hollywood, California.

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