I don't think institutional racism is found at a certain data point. It's found over time.

I don't see any reason why it wouldn't pass. But we haven't had a chance as a board to fully discuss (the proposal).

No real changes in the budget coming from Frankfort will be reviewed; we'll only discuss any suggestions to be voted on at our June meeting.

You've got to have some data to back up what your intuition tells you is the truth.

I can't quite understand what the value of union representation would be if the university doesn't want to recognize and bargain with a union.

For me, it would cause a real sense of urgency if we're still doing (harmful) things now that we were doing to people 15 years ago.

We had no money, no funding from the university. We were literally starting from scratch. We had no office. We had no vehicle.

I think it's a little outrageous.