We needed a fund-raiser for the prevention of child abuse.

This is the greatest afternoon or evening of family entertainment in the community all year, bar none. Anyone ? ages 6 to 86 ? will have a delightful time.

We're lucky to have a lot of repeat customers each year. For something to last 19 years these days is astounding.

This is where grandparents can sit with grandchildren and equally enjoy what's going on.

The Libertine. The moment that the decision came down that the movie was going out in this period of time with so many films and one-ninth of the staff, our imperative was to get this movie released as it should be.

Since the information just appeared there, I told Microsoft and Netscape to go through their own cookie files to look for things that shouldn't be there.

At this point we're probably 30 occupation points behind where we would normally be going into this weekend. At this stage we're going to take care of the evacuees first, unless we get fully inundated.