Josh was able to come out even on his feet today. He's best on top, so when he opened the third on top and scored, I was comfortable (with the lead).

He really improved throughout the year. He's a kid who comes in and works hard every day. He never gives less than 100 percent.

Brandon is the picture of hard work and perseverance. Most kids would have quit in his first two years, with the beatings he took in the room. But he didn't.

I was not surprised. It was a great day for us.

The biggest difference this year was that we upped our competition throughout the year. We faced a combination of bigger schools and traditional powers.

John was a large part of our success over the last four years. He continually improved throughout his career. He won a lot of big matches for us this year.

It was everyone's first time here, except for John. I think we worked hard letting them know what was coming, but this is something you have to live. It's a totally unique experience.

From where Sean walked in as a freshman, to when he left, it was incredible.