We have a lot of issues with our team now. Our guys haven't been consistent during the season and now we're battling some psychological issues that are impacting our ability to perform.

Now we're getting towards the end of the year and we're battling some skin infections and kidney ailments that just happen to be part of the sport.

J has been very consistent for us after he struggled a little bit early on in the season.

That?s three great matches he?s wrestled for us (since a shoulder injury). Blake is a four-time state champion. He knows how to win.

We are glad to have Tom join us this summer. He will be taking over the camps next year and this will provide him the opportunity to meet the kids and the coaches. We are a tight wrestling community and it will be a great combination for everyone this summer.

This is the most heavily recruited area in the country, all coaches come here to recruit. My experience here at Ohio State hasn't been what everyone thinks it is. What gives Ohio State an edge on Minnesota, Penn State or Michigan?

This is a devastating loss for J and our team. J is a proven leader and when he sets goals, he gets the job done.

The program has not lived up to my expectations the last few years. By stepping aside at this time, it will allow my successor the opportunity to come in and return the program to national prominence.