Always school first, golf second. There was never any question.

If you didn't want to become a great golfer, or a piano player, or an attorney or an accountant, whatever (Tiger) wanted was fine with them. That they didn't get caught up in his super ability, that was amazing. They continued trying to raise a good person, and golf was just something that he was good at.

Tiger is going to lead the way. I didn't know Michelangelo, but I'm assuming he was always trying to do better art or a better sculpture. Last year, Tiger was 29, working on his game like he was 19. There is no reason the next 10 years should be any different.

To me, the family was raising a child, not a golfer. The golf was just something he had an aptitude for. There was no mistake that the parents made the rules and kids followed the rules, but it wasn't a harsh environment. It seemed quite normal. Homework came first, golf came second, end of story.

You have to remember that Tiger is not Earl's only child. He had three other kids. He wasn't a rookie at this.