There's a need to give services to the Spanish community. A lot of them don't know the basic information on how smoking is dangerous.

IBM offers us the best capacity and the best growth path, enabling our company to grow as fast as we need to. We can now offer our services to mid-sized animation firms who are, in turn, looking to scale quickly. And we can do this after only a few days and a phone call to IBM. IBM's ability to offer computing power on demand is critical to our business.

Basically, he was like the main influence on me getting back in. I was still in touch with him and everything. He was the one who helped me out to get back in.

If I get beat it will be by a better wrestler, not because I quit. I came in as a regional champion and he was a fourth-place finisher. I may not be the best, but I will always do my best. My mom and coach expected me to be here and I hope I have made them proud so far.