We had several key plays in the game's final minutes, and it was really an overall team effort. The girls played hard like they have all season long, and it's still paying off for us.

We played Dumas and lost to them (61-57) in the regional. We're just glad to get to play another day.

We got so fatigued because of the hectic pace we played in the first half that they were able to make a run at us when the fourth quarter started. We ended up having to make free throws to win it.

I really figured we were a year away. But at the same time I knew the talent we had could get us to this point if things fell just right.

They'll be a typical North Arkansas team, well-coached and fundamentally sound. I did hear they have a 5-7 guard who can really shoot the eyes out of it.

We really should do some great things in the next three years. I know I'm excited about the prospects, especially after that first year I had here as a coach. That's something I don't ever want to go through again.

We didn't double team her because we wanted to make sure they didn't beat us with their guards, who are also pretty special. We knew if we sagged back on her, they could wear us out with their 3-point shooting. But as it turns out, it was six of one and half dozen of another. We were in a tough spot no matter what we did.

We didn't really change much but we did put a little more emphasis on defense at that point. We've really focused on our zone defense down the stretch and I think that's what pushed us across the line from being a good team to a very good team.

We very easily could have won the regional, but there's not a whole lot of difference in between No. 1 and No. 4 at this level. We got hot in mid-January and have been playing real well since then. From there we've been real consistent.