Ross Powers
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"Ross Powers", is an United States/American world champion halfpipe snowboarding/snowboarder from South Londonderry, Vermont. Though he originally rode at Stratton Mountain, Vermont, his home mountain is now Okemo, VT. Ross helps with the design of the Superpipe and also helped design the RossCross Family Terrain Park. Ross also runs a snowboard camp through Okemo. He led the U.S. sweep in the 2002 Winter Olympic Games/Snowboarding/2002 Winter Olympics men's halfpipe competition, one day after his 23rd birthday. This is the first time the Americans have swept a Winter Olympic event since the men's figure skaters did in 1956. Powers, with a score of 46.1, dominated the competition.

During his final run, Powers dropped in and aired out with an 18 foot method grab (a world record at that time), and followed up with two McTwists, a cab 720 indy grab, a frontside 720 indy grab and a switch frontside air.

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The girls have a chance of sweeping, no question.

It seems like no matter how hard the snowboarders work, the money goes to the skiing side of things. The Collection gives us the freedom to pick and choose what we want to do, and the money keeps going back into the team.