I made one other great catch like that in my life, but it was in junior varsity. That was nothing compared to this. We just felt like, 'Hey, we didn't come all the way up here to lose.' So, we went for it.

The other properties will orbit around us.

Still red hot and white hot for innovation. W Las Vegas will definitely be a laboratory for a lot of what we are doing.

Las Vegas is like no other city in the world and has been on the top of W's development strategy for years, ... The W Las Vegas will offer guests extraordinary experiences at every turn through the brand's lifestyle elements -- provocative spaces, delightful indulgences and experiential surprises that will be unheard of even by Las Vegas' standards.

There's a number that resulted from marital conflicts. It's always the man who goes overboard, never the woman.

The hard thing about it is just watching. As an offense, you can't do anything to help out, and that can be frustrating.