Rose Marie
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"Rose Marie" is an American actress. As a child performer she had a successful singing career as "Baby Rose Marie". A veteran of vaudeville, Rose Marie's career includes film, records, theater, night clubs and television. Her most famous role was television comedy writer Sally Rogers (character)/Sally Rogers on the CBS situation comedy The Dick Van Dyke Show. She later portrayed Myrna Gibbons on The Doris Day Show and was also a frequent panelist on the game show Hollywood Squares.

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It's terrible. You'd think that they would keep it up, you know, the maintenance and everything because so many people are traveling in and out of Hawaii, and with all the tourists and everything.

There [have] been reunion shows and they've been terrible, 'I remember this, and I remember that, and I remember this and I remember that,' who cares, you know? This is a story. This is a continuation.

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