They should be able to stand on their own after that.

My parents were good, Christian, hardworking people, ... They taught me that if you are right, you stand up for what you believe. They did that, as far as they could. The opportunity has come open for me to take it a little bit further.

When Mrs. Skinner saw this, she just cried and cried, ... Her baby is over there under that apartment.

We will try to help someone who's trying to help themselves.

How can those people rest in peace with an apartment building over them? What is wrong with this city? Somebody?s got to stop these fools.

I had time on my hands.

I decided I had to do something about it, ... It took from 1999 to 2003 to get that eyesore removed.

One hundred percent of that goes right back out. We're all volunteers.

Class and race play a big part in it and it's bad communication on the part of the bureaucracy also.