I love playing St. Louis. It's like a World Series. You play really hard.

I felt comfortable today, I felt at home. I love Chicago. I love to play here. This is the start. Spring training is over. Right now, we start a new season. I'm trying to feel comfortable at home plate and play real good defense.

I'm trying to make the plays. It was hard to grip the ball, but it's part of the game. I'm happy now because we came back and won.

I think he changed the lineup because he wants to know if I can handle the second spot.

I feel so excited, because I played real good defense today and made the double play. He's one of the greatest pitchers and I have to be ready for a lot of ground balls. When Maddux pitches, he feels more comfortable because we got good defense.

Guys tell me that they never saw a play like that. I'm trying to play hard.

Spring training is over. Right now we're starting a new season. We're trying to make adjustments and play real good defense.

I feel more comfortable batting second because I see more fastballs. That's the difference from batting eighth. You see a lot of breaking balls because of the pitcher (coming up).