The facilities are unbelievable. It's unbelievable how well maintained they are and how picturesque they are. The players in our area are just so fortunate to be able to play in places like those.

(Leggett) was throwing three pitches for strikes, and getting his changeup and curveball over early in the year is difficult. We have to make adjustments and see it a lot of times.

The first time up, (Board) gets two strikes on him and drove one to right field to get the first run in and tie it up. The last time he turned on a curveball.

They still talk a lot of junk, and they go at each other very hard. It hasn't changed since they were 12.

Our pitchers did a good job making good pitches and getting groundouts. They all did a good job. That was really big when they got the first two guys on with two outs. (Pair) was able to pitch his way out of it.