"Sir Ronald Cohen" (born 1945) is an Egyptian-born British businessman and political figure, known as "the father of British venture capital" and "the father of Socially responsible investing#Modern applications/social investment".

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I remember watching 'P.W. Doodle' as a kid. I'd come home and my mother would sit me down in front of the set while she made dinner.

Let's say you fire your brother-in-law, ... Christmas dinner comes, and here he is at the table with you. And your mother looks at you like you're the guy who's screwing up the family.

It's easier when the business is doing well, ... Then you can hire the son-in-law that can't get a job anywhere else. That keeps your daughter happy and it keeps (the son-in-law) out of trouble. When the business can't afford a guy like that, then you have to choose.

But you do have disadvantages, ... Some of the important family decisions made are often not good business decisions. These are decisions that non-family businesses would have no reason to make.