"Ron Weaver" was a college football player for the University of Texas. Weaver, who played under the alias "Joel Ron McKelvey", played under his own name when he enrolled at Monterey Peninsula College in the fall of 1984. He played at California State University, Sacramento/Sacramento State in 1988 as a wide receiver. Hence, Weaver had already used up his NCAA eligibility by 1989. After graduation, Weaver failed tryouts with the British Columbia Lions of the Canadian Football League and with the Houston Oilers since he was deemed to be neither fast enough nor strong enough (he could only bench press 250 pounds) to be viable in the pros.

Weaver was able to pull off his scam by enrolling at Los Angeles Pierce College under an assumed name and a different date of birth, using the name and Social Security number of a friend who had never played sports. Changing positions to cornerback, he played two seasons at Pierce before transferring to Texas, where he was recruited by the defensive backs coach and claimed his age was 23 instead of 30. Weaver also joined the team after photos had already been taken for the team media guide. He eventually received a full scholarship.

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