I pretty much told the board somewhere between $140,000 and $240,000 would be the figure we would be looking at.

The fans this year remind me a lot of our fans in 1974. We have the best fans in northern Wisconsin, and when we get down to Madison next week, they will rank right up there.

If you kick somebody out of the event and nothing more, they just come back.

Prentice went on to state that year, and it took 32 years before this Tiger team gave us redemption.

We didn't get as much money as we requested, but we're real happy.

We have a very strong program. There's a lot of participation.

We have to look at all areas. I have to plan for a $218,000 deficit. The referendum could fail. If it does, I've got to have the budget balanced.

Quite a few kids moved into the district this year.

We're just covering our bases with the policies. The booster club represents the greater athletic community. We're small, so that's a big voice in Mercer.