Hey it's a tough blow. I'm not going to sit here and tell you it isn't. We'll get through it.

Before we showed him the pictures (on the sideline), he'd tell us what happened.

No question, to me that's a huge part of playing that position is the confidence that your teammates have in you and the intangibles that you bring to the table. I've seen that from Kyle ever since he's got here. I really have ? every time he's gone in and even in practice. He definitely has that.

Every blitz that you'll probably see the rest of the year he saw on Sunday, and he saw them all. He handled it, he saw the field very well, he did a lot of things well, so he'll be able to do more as the season progresses.

The good news is we have plenty of time almost a month, before our opener.

I was pleased overall with the execution. We have things to clean up (but) I thought all that was pretty good.

I just want to see him run the offense, make good decisions, get rid of the ball quickly. I know the physical part will be there, the accuracy, everything else. I know he'll do that. But just to make sure he's focused in and running the offense.

You can't give too much away. It'll be a chance for Kyle and the rest of the group to get some work in, and then we'll get a long look at some of our other guys.

That'll be the toughest thing — blocking the pass routes. The running game will come.