Ron Roenicke
FameRank: 4

"As player"

* Los Angeles Dodgers (–)

* Seattle Mariners

* San Diego Padres

* San Francisco Giants

* Philadelphia Phillies (–)

* Cincinnati Reds

"As coach"

* Los Angeles Dodgers (–)

* Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim/Anaheim Angels / Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (–)

"As manager"

* Milwaukee Brewers (–present)


* World Series Champion (2002)


"Ronald Jon Roenicke" ( ; born August 19, 1956) is a former Major League Baseball player, minor league baseball baseball manager/manager, former bench coach for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and the current manager of the Milwaukee Brewers. He is also the younger brother of former Montreal Expos and Baltimore Orioles outfielder Gary Roenicke.

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I'm sure the Yankees are saying, 'Hey, we'd like to have five great starters.' Yeah, and we'd like to have A-Rod, Sheffield and Damon. It's just kind of what you have and how you try to make it work.

He makes sure nobody complains about anything - ever. Obviously, it doesn't do any good and Mike just hates ...

I said, 'No,' a few times. I could see he was rounding the bag -- and he was flying -- and I knew he was going. I think the ball he thought was a home run bothered him, and he tried to do a little bit more.