What have gotten us here are our defense and our ability to hang in there rebounding the ball, despite our small lineup.

This is a great rivalry. We have some great games, no matter what the record is. Both teams can't ask for anything better than to play in front of that atmosphere. It's a fun game no matter what. We were fortunate to come out on the winning end.

We needed contributions to beat that good team. We got (it from) all seven. I thought we defended real well in the fourth quarter, and we got enough rebounds to hang in there.

We played strong half-court defense. Our goal is to strengthen our game. We're making progress, but we're not there yet.

I haven't heard back from those particular beauticians. It's sad when you see people volunteer to help poor children, but they select which poor children to help.

We cannot start suspending children left and right for using negative words. You just can't do that, it's impossible. Our school building would be empty.

I'm just so proud of how the kids hung in there and found a way to win. We did just enough to move on. Sean is such a competitor and he kind of willed that free throw in. It was a huge team effort.

Dario is such a good player. He has to be accounted for by two guys all the time.