If you click on unsubscribe, you have identified to the person who sent you that spam that you are a real person. The price of your e-mail address just went up exponentially.

If you get a message from someone you think you know, generally it's because that person's computer has been compromised.

February returned us to levels we'd seen earlier in 2005. You've got to look at this in the total context. January was the highest month ever and February has calmed back down.

It is essential that computers are protected from unauthorized access by remote hackers. All computer users need to patch against these flaws in Microsoft's software as quickly as possible, before hackers and virus writers try and take advantage of them.

What we saw this past month was a significant increase in the number of Trojans. That is a program that embeds itself in the computer and does something when you least expect it.

Officials in the United States have cracked down considerably on spammers by giving out harsh sentences to those convicted - that's good news for organizations and consumers. Unfortunately, email users around the world are still being bombarded by unsolicited messages.

Our product is more used to filter Windows viruses than actual Linux viruses.