Ron Klain
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"Ronald A. "Ron" Klain" is an American political operative and lawyer who on October 17, 2014, was named for the newly created position of "Ebola response coordinator" or, less officially, Ebola Czar. He served as Chief of Staff to the Vice President of the United States/Chief of Staff to two Vice President of the United States/Vice presidents – Al Gore (1995–99) and Joseph Biden (2009–11).

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What it shows is what we've been saying all along -- there is no question that the majority of people on Election Day believed they left the booth voting for Al Gore.

It is certainly appropriate and within their rights to appeal. But we think there legal argument is without merit and would be rejected by the justices on grounds this is properly a case before the Florida Supreme Court because the issues are issues of state law.

They've spent a week trying to exclude the votes of men and women in uniform, police, fire, nurses, doctors. Now, their newfound dedication to the counting of ballots, though welcome, seems a little off.

That's just not how they think.